Europe: More Growth Expected

Published November 20, 2005 by OCR Editor

Europe: More Growth Expected

Recently, an important convention - the European i-Gaming Conference- took place in Nice, bringing together some 800 online casinos delegates from all over the world. During the conference, a vast amount of data and information was provided to all of the

One of the most interesting presentations, given by guest speaker, and Global Betting and Gaming Consultants member Simon Holliday, was a detailed statistical breakdown of the business.

A variety of subjects were discussed and analyzed during the various seminars held during the conference. Aspects of the industry presented for discussion included the overall location of the main gambling markets, this year's public company listings, terrestrial gambling, and market predictions regarding the future of the industry. It was found that North America remains the leading international gambling market to date, followed closely by Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Sub-market delivery channels, such as mobile gambling, or m-gaming as it is more widely referred to, were also brought to the forefront, revealing surprisingly slow growth and popularity within the market. The traditional Internet connection was found to be the prevailing vehicle for online gambling, with usage at 82 percent among players.

These statistics, along with a wealth of additional information, were brought to light during the convention, highlighting the primary sectors and features of the industry. With all of the information provided and the statistics imparted to the leaders of this growing market, the majority of the evidence revealed points to a healthy and thriving industry with many years of success and prosperity ahead.

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