European Gaming Congress 2018 Focusing on Italian Regulated Market

Published June 28, 2018 by Ivan P

European Gaming Congress 2018 Focusing on Italian Regulated Market

The inaugural European Gaming Congress will heavily focus on the Italian gaming market, which has grown to become an attractive proposition for many operators.

The European Gaming Congress 2018, taking place on October 16 in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana, will deal with many interesting topics concerning European regulated and yet-to-be-regulated markets, but Italy will enjoy a special place in the discussions. The country's regulated market has been growing rapidly, shaping up to become an interesting and lucrative proposition for numerous gaming operators looking to gain access.

Well-timed Decisions Helping the Growth

The Italian regulated market has seen a number of decisions and changes that helped it get where it is today. Over the last couple of years, many operators have acquired local licenses and the country has tackled its gambling marketing laws to bring them up to shape.

The man giving the presentation on the current state and the future of the Italian market is Quirino Mancini, a lawyer with 20 years of experience in the gaming sector. His day-to-day activities encompass providing companies with legal advice on licensing, compliance, and regulation, which puts him in a perfect position to speak about the Italian market as someone who knows all the ins and outs of the industry.

Tackling European Market

The idea behind the inaugural European Gaming Congress in Ljubljana is to shed light on various relevant topics in the industry across many European countries. Over the course of the day, apart from the Italian market, different panels will deal with the current state of affairs in states such as Croatia, Austria, and Slovenia.

One panel will be devoted to the Balkans and Southeastern European regions, focusing on countries like Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Greece. Another segment of the Congress will also deal with what is being termed as European Microstates, i.e. Monaco, Lichtenstein, and San Marino.

Apart from specific markets, European Gaming Congress will also touch upon topics of responsible gambling and, as always, provide networking opportunities for guests and participants, especially during the official networking party scheduled for the evening.

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