Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Best Betting Odds

Published April 14, 2012 by OCR Editor

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Best Betting Odds

Time to bet is now.

Having been in syndication for over 50 years, the Eurovision song contest brings together artists and viewers from around the European Union and beyond. Focusing on on a user participatory voting system, the Eurovision contest brings together hundreds of millions of viewers for an exciting event via live broadcast. The contest is one of the longest running programs in history and enjoys its popularity as one of the most watched, non-sporting events on television.

Bookies around the world entertain bets and keep odds on picks from every participating country, with the potential to earn substantial winnings for those who choose wisely.

The event will be held in Baku on May 22, 24 and 26, but as the following bookmakers have already posted their betting odds, now is the time to place a bet on the identity of the Best Song for 2012.


At AllYouBet players have the options to place an outright bet on the country of their choice to win. Over 40 choices exist, all with unique odds at users' disposal right on the website. While Sweden is a clear favorite to win at roughly 3:1, the long-shots like Malta and Montenegro could land over 100 times the wager amount if a win is in the works. With AllYouBet's welcome bonus of up to 100EUR added to a player's initial deposit, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the promotion and tack on a little extra cash to a Eurovision 2012 wager to try and beef-up the potential payout.


Bet365, a top bookie on the world wide web, offers the options to make wagers on more specific outcomes of the contest. If a players believes they know who will finish top out of the Balkan countries, 365 will take that bet, but to win only. The same goes for Nordic and Baltic countries as well as the top five big countries of the European Broadcasting Union. In addition to placing wagers on the winners of these brackets, Bet365 will entertain wagers on those who may finish with nul points. This option can be interpreted as either a yes or no, being that yes, one country will finish with no points, or no, all countries participating will finish with at least one point.

William Hill

One of the Web's most highly regarded bookies, William Hill offers extensive betting odds on the Eurovision 2012 song contest. Similar to Bet365 and Allyoubet, William hill offers the option to place outright bets on player's favored countries to win as well as more specialized wagering. Pick from the top five Scandinavian, Baltic, Balkan, and big countries to win. WH goes a bit further to offer UK and Ireland specific betting odds as well as head-to-head, Ireland vs. UK match odds.

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