Eventus International to Host Shows in Montenegro and Scandinavia

Published October 18, 2017 by Florin P

Eventus International to Host Shows in Montenegro and Scandinavia

Eventus International has announced two new gaming events for 2018, the Montenegro and Scandinavia Gaming Show.

Eventus International’s portfolio of gaming and betting events was expanded earlier this week with the addition of Montenegro and Scandinavia Gaming Shows. The organization hosted the Cyprus Gaming Show with great success in September and has big plans for 2018. The first two shows were already scheduled, with thee Montenegro gaming show to last for two days starting on May 30. It will take place at the Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora and its expected to attract plenty of people from central and Eastern Europe.

The Scandinavian gaming show will take place between September 5-6 2018 and the location is yet to be decided. These two new gaming events mark an important milestone for Eventus International which seeks to expand its presence in Europe. They already have an impressive track record in hosting gaming conferences across several continents. The company has the goal of better satisfying the needs of gaming markets in the smaller countries, which are usually neglected by major industry events.

Global Reach, Local Approach

Eventus International tries to engage local partners and establish a network of stakeholders to ensure the success of their European events. The company works closely with local associations, professionals and government representatives from the countries where these conventions take place. By providing them with a reliable and easy-to-use platform, Eventus strive to create bridges between these groups. With each new successful event, more people attend the conventions, making them more meaningful.

The previous events as well as those scheduled for 2018 have the merit of unlocking innovation and they tap into the local potential of gaming and betting markets. The upcoming Montenegro and Scandinavia Gaming Shows will be attended by senior delegates from both the public and private sector. This will provide attendees with great networking opportunities and they will also learn about the latest trends.

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