Evoplay Unveils Their Take on Popular Tetris Game With Neon Shapes

Published May 16, 2021 by Ivan P

Evoplay Unveils Their Take on Popular Tetris Game With Neon Shapes

Neon Shapes successfully combines RNG and skill elements in a Tetris-like game that requires players to put their thinking cap on to come up with the best strategy for every round.

Tetris is easily one of the most popular video games of all times. Despite its simple and very basic graphics, the game is challenging enough that it continues to attract players even today. Banking with this fact, a casino games' developer Evoplay has come up with their own take on the popular shape-arranging title with Neon Shapes. Combining elements of skill and luck, Neon Shapes is an entertaining and rather unique title that challenges players to come up with the best strategy to optimize their winnings.

More Than Just a Slot

These days, there is a new slot coming out almost every day. While they all try to have certain novel features, the gameplay dynamic is usually the same across the board. Players press the spin button, the RNG calculates results of the spin, and the outcome is displayed on the screen.

Evoplay's Neon Shapes is different. The game challenges players to be much more actively involved. Like in the original Tetris game, the goal is to place various shapes on the grid in the best possible way, filling horizontal and vertical lines to clear the board, making more space for future shapes and winning points (and in this case, money) in the process.

RNG Game With Skill Elements

Not to confuse things, Neon Shapes by Evoplay is still a slot-like game powered by an RNG algorithm. The theoretical return of the game is 96%, which seems to be the golden standard in the industry these days.

Regular shapes only help players win skill points, which can be spent on rotating shapes when and if required. Yellow and golden shapes, however, will bring payouts when placed in right combinations.

The RNG element of the game dictates the total number of these money-paying symbols in any particular round, so skills and strategy can only go so far. Still, it's an interesting and unique idea and a real breath of fresh air in the iGaming industry, perhaps showing us what the future of online gambling might look like.

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