Eye on the Prize: Leading Elements for Operators to Manage in iGaming Expansion

Published October 5, 2021 by Lee R

Eye on the Prize: Leading Elements for Operators to Manage in iGaming Expansion

The value points for developing an iGaming site in this day and age are vital building blocks.

The thriving online gambling industry gambling industry continuously grows in different ways.

Identifying Growth

With more clients and companies than ever before, we have to keep track periodically of the distinguishing characteristics of growth.


The key driver of individuation of growth is the robust competition between providers, whom are competing to provide the most compelling user experience.

Protecting Against Bugs

IT managers are put upon to manage the components of all iGaming sites to protect against disruption, which can manifest most commonly in the form of bugs, errors, and crashes, which can cause at worst financial losses and at best disruption to the experience that leads directly to user disconnect.

Monitoring Your Monitoring Software

Monitoring software is for this reason a key component shaping iGaming development, and new operators or investors should keep an eye on the latest monitoring software out there besides the monitoring software being used at their own place of interest.

Data Compliance

Databases that store information need to be compliant for seamless transitions or openings. EU data protections is relatively uniform, but an operators needs to take stock of the data protection laws of new markets with full awareness of likely variance once the operator leaves the EU and expands outward. The rules affect specific procedures common to all gaming sites including storing personal data; how customers can be contacted; and how long information can be stored.

RNG Factor

Random number generation remains a vital component that is constantly evolving, because the RNG protects the integrity of games of chance that produce winners and award rewards based on numerical outputs.

Third Party RNG Authentication

In the case of iGaming the numbers must be deemed fair by authorities who require a provably fair algorithm, so an element of training is also necessary.

Blockchain Visibility

To be provably fair, there are third party RNG authenticators out there to make sure operators are compliant. With the results of the best checks visible for all to see on public blockchains, leading third party authenticators appear useful tools for rapid startup or expansion into other regions.


Keeping the site running at high speed is the most essential component for rapid sustainable expansion. Techniques for optimizing loads and responses are key components of strategic expansion research in this rapidly evolving dynamic space. 

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