Facebook Accepts Online Casino Ads

Published November 14, 2011 by OCR Editor

Facebook Accepts Online Casino Ads

World's leading social network amends its advertising guidelines to include gambling.

Facebook, by far the internet's largest and most powerful social network, has amended its advertising guidelines to enable online casino advertisements to be posted on its website.

Chasing Revenue Increase

Facebook previously prohibited online gambling advertisements on its website, as part of its old guidelines. However, the website has now changed tact, realizing the awesome revenue-raising potential of allowing gambling sites to target its audience.

Under the new regulations, online casinos, poker rooms, sportbooks, lotteries and other internet-gambling related companies will be able to advertise on facebook. The rules presumably will also allow mobile gaming firms to advertise their wares on the social network.

Still no USA

Despite the change in regulations, this new advertising scheme will not be applicable to the United States. All online casino will still be prohibited from placing ads targeting customers in the American market, because of local laws on online gambling.

Most online casinos don't base themselves in the US anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem for them. But the rule will place restrictions on American casino affiliates who would have hoped to target potential new players through Facebook.

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