Facial Protection at Casinos Keys Growing Biometric Movement in Japan Ahead of IR Era

Published March 29, 2019 by Lee R

Facial Protection at Casinos Keys Growing Biometric Movement in Japan Ahead of IR Era

A comprehensive biometric protection plan in Japan is highlighted by the widespread use of facial recognition technology at casinos.

In Japan, the latest tech in preparing for a large-scale casino industry is the use of facial recognition technology.

Initial Placement

According to a government announcement earlier this month, the movement in Japan will begin at horse race and pachinko parlours, where operators are asked to work with facial recognition systems to restrict admission to designated gambling addicts.

The Biometric Movement in Japan

Facial recognition is a part of the growing popularity of biometric identification in Japan. Facial recognition started with last month's announcement that imaging technology would be used to help safeguard Emperor Akihito’s 30th anniversary ceremony at Tokyo’s National Theatre, with a similar system is planned for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Facial Recognition Component

Now, the government is proposing the use of facial recognition systems as part of a highly comprehensive and preventative plan of gambler protection ahead of legalized gambling in the country.

Facial recognition will be used to identify the faces of addicts who have either self-excluded or after family members add them to exclusion lists when they try to enter the venue.

Public Feedback

After a period of feedback collection from the public, the Japanese government plans to adopt the plan as early as next month, with the plan to be reviewed every three years while covering bicycle and speedboat racing as well.

Proactive Gambling Restrictions

A further part of the plan includes restriction of entry to gambling addicts as a result of family requests; self-imposed maximum limits for gambling addicts to set on their horse and boat race betting ticket purchases; and restrictions on advertising.

Progressive Regulation

These restrictions call for gambling regulators and operators to collaborate on the development of advertisement guidelines that do not increase people's desires to gamble, with welfare ministry consultation offices on gambling addiction installed in all prefectures and designated major cities circa fiscal 2020 to maintain the connection with the public.
Contextual Evaluations

The benefits and strengths will be critically evaluated by the ministry through a fiscal 2020 survey on gambling addiction issues such as multiple debts, poverty, abuse, suicide and crime.

The Youth Protection Component

The prevention stretches to child protection as well, with the government further revealing that fiscal 2019 will see the ministry begin monitoring of the effects of gambling addiction on child abuse; as well as calling on the education ministry to strengthen school education on gambling addiction.

Preparing to Scale

With big money integrated casino resorts set for construction in the coming years with the first doors opening in 2023 or 2024. the use of facial technology represents an interesting component of what turns out to be a comprehensive government plan to maximise protections before big business interests enter the new Japanese gaming market.

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