Fallout 4 Launches with Nuclear Levels of Hype

Published November 10, 2015 by Florin P

Fallout 4 Launches with Nuclear Levels of Hype

The latest installment of the Fallout franchise hits the stores today

Bethesda’s most ambitious project comes to fruition today, making November 10 the most important day for countless Fallout fans. They were waiting for this release that marks an important milestone for the heralded franchise, by introducing new elements to an avatar of the RPG genre. Players assume the role of the Vault 111 dweller, a lone survivor about to enter a world shattered by nuclear war.

Embrace the Nuclear Wasteland as Your Home

Dedicated Fallout fans have a general idea of what lies beyond the walls of the Vault, but the wasteland has changed greatly since the last installment. Bethesda game developers and designers made the most of the advancements of technology and the company has unveiled the best looking Fallout game ever. It is easy to get lost for hours at a time exploring the open world or using innovative crafting and building tools.

The success of this new installment is virtually ensured and like other games before it, Fallout 4 is likely to spur a plethora of video games inspired by its. Players can already enjoy slots inspired by Call of Duty and other franchises at top online casinos such as bet365 Casino, Casino Adrenaline and Tivoli Casino.

More than Meets the Eye About Fallout 4

Exploring the vast and seemingly lifeless wasteland is immensely rewarding for the fans, but it is the gameplay and storytelling that makes Fallout 4 special. More than once players will second-guess themselves about whether they did the right thing and newcomers will soon discover that there are no easy choices in this game.

The narrative gets players fully immersed into the gaming environment, while convincing characters make this adventure truly memorable. Fallout 4 brilliantly captures the essence of surviving in a hostile environment, posing unique challenges that prove to be immensely rewarding when overcome.

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