Fantasino Casino Now Has the Seal of Approval

Published July 25, 2017 by Mike P

Fantasino Casino Now Has the Seal of Approval

Find out what Fantasino Casino has done to achieve our trusted Seal of Approval, including recent revamps to the experience.

Online Casino Reports (OCR) can exclusively reveal that Fantasino Casino is the latest gaming site to receive our coveted Seal of Approval. From the outset, Fantasino Casino has been an impressive proposition for the combination of high-quality software and gamification elements.

Even Stronger Following Revamp

However, what finally elevated Fantasino Casino to be worthy of the Seal of Approval was the site performing a facelift of the player experience. Fantasino Casino had already given players access to a fantastical world in which they could complete quests and receive rewards in return, but now there are even more features to benefit from.

At Fantasino Casino, players are encouraged to create a character called a Trebol, which they are encouraged to level up through playing slot games. In doing so, players will also be asked to select skills for the Trebol, who starts at the level of Seeker and rise to eventually become an Immortal.

In the recent facelift, Fantasino Casino has shown its quality and commitment to the player experience by adding a new quest in the form of Tiki Lava. Meanwhile, the facelift has also resulted in Fantasino Casino revamping features like Chesty’s Store and the Wardrobe. There are now many more accessories that can be used to customise Trebols.

Seal of Approval Requirements

Fantasino Casino has proven to be a brand that cares about the player experience. This was an important step for the casino, but many other boxes had to be ticked in order for the brand to be worthy of the OCR Seal of Approval.

For starters, Fantasino Casino had to achieve a review score of at least four stars. The brand then had to be active for at least 12 months, while also being present on OCR for eight months. During that time, Fantasino Casino was subjected to monthly testing to ensure that the same high standards were being maintained.

Thus far, Fantasino Casino has maintained a clean reputation and also displayed a commitment to address players’ concerns. Both are requirements for a casino to receive the OCR Seal of Approval. You can now visit Fantasino Casino and the hundreds of video slots and table games in complete confidence.

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