Far Out Payouts in Online Casino

Published August 30, 2006 by OCR Editor

Far Out Payouts in Online Casino

Payout tables and any payout data make for an impressive feature in the gambling scene. It's nice to have that little backup ammunition against all those unfamiliar with the scene, who may occasionally criticize.

Payout percentages are normally calculated by comparing winnings to wagered amounts for all games. However, these percentages do not necessarily reflect the results of any individual game or the expected payout of any game.

Those tables calculate the percentage winnings to wagered amounts, not the amounts paid back to clients. What the percentage number basically means is that if the site got $100 worth of bets, which is the whole %100, the %97 translates to the $97 in distribution of funds towards gamblers. The clean profit in this case will be of three percent ($3). The percentages of payouts are in fact that high. People do win these things! You don't have to Google for long in order to bump into the many gambling news items reporting on the more than weekly winnings in the industry.

So if you're game, and the bottom line for you is "payouts, payouts and yet again payouts", consider the following strategy. A straightforward introductory way to check weather payout data is working for you is playing slots. Naturally, you can go for a higher percentage win with a smaller jackpot payout to be won and vice versa. A good strategy for slot players will be to check the pay table in order to see if it offers a good enough range of small to medium payouts. That certainly does feel like a safer way to play in the scene. Have a ball!

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