FC Barcelona Signs a Three Year Partnership with Betfair

Florin P. - July 17, 2016

Betfair is the new sponsor of Spanish football club FC Barcelona.

The recently signed agreement between Barcelona and Betfair adds the betting exchange on the list of official global partners of the Spanish football club. Over the next three seasons and starting on July 1, they will be working together to improve the brand visibility of Barcelona.

Great News for Football Fans

Betfair is the leading betting exchange where punters can bet on top odds on their favorite teams and dozens of sports. Primera Division is widely regarded as the best football championship, which explains the preference for this competition. As a result of signing this agreement, Betfair will enjoy access to Barcelona players, which in turn should help them create better marketing campaigns.

Their customer base is expected to increase as a result of this deal, while the quality of their promotional content will also improve. There brand is already well known internationally, but shaking hands with Barcelona comes as a confirmation of their high profile. The Spanish football club has a reputation of only associating its name with companies that have a flawless track record.

An Important Year for Betfair

The merger between the betting exchange and Paddy Power made the resulting company one of the top three online gambling operators. Nearly half of all the revenue generated by Betfair Paddy Power comes from football, which highlights the importance of this recent agreement. Now that they have access to Barcelona’s digital channels, the betting exchange will have an easier task at achieving its ambitions.

The ultimate beneficiaries of this deal are the punters themselves, who can expect unique sporting experiences and exclusive campaigns. Other online bookmakers have signed lucrative deals with major football clubs in 2016, to improve their exposure. However, all these agreements pale in comparison to the one signed by Barcelona and Betfair, as the partnership will continue for at least three years.



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