Female Addiction: a Positive Approach

Published March 11, 2009 by OCR Editor

Female Addiction: a Positive Approach

Women are used to competing to fit in the mens world, even when it comes to gambling addiction. Despite rising statistics, positives can be found within the dark cloud.

With a more recent boom, if you count since at least 1990 "recent", of internet gambling on the rise, it has opened up the arena for women to step more steadily and equally on the gambling field.

However, before feminists go pumping their fists in the air with a Amazonian roar of "Yes!", it has been shown that along with this foothold, that women are catching up to men with developing problems with gambling addiction, in fact up to 46%.

Knowing that many gambling companies attract women by using games and prizes geared towards their gender, it's no wonder that women are now making up a sizable portion of gambling addicts.

But while this statistic may be disheartening, lest we remind ourselves that the other half of the women gamblers do not develop compulsive behaviors.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus...
Any medical professional or regular Joe can explain that men and women are different and when it comes to the motivations behind gambling.

Women often use gambling as a chance to escape into their own little world without the outside noise of family, work, children and other distractions.

However, in regards to seeking treatment, it is no surprise that women seek treatment much faster than their male counterparts. Many treatment centers recognize that there are different motivations for each gender and offer single-sex sessions, which tend to be more nurturing in atmosphere.

Treatment centers also are usually full staffed with a myriad of professionals such as psychologists, massage therapists, peer and specialized counselors, personal trainers and art therapists, which all foster a supportive environment.

Upwards and onwards...
With more and more attention being brought to the "darker" side of gambling, instead of looking upon it with disdain, we must look upon it in a positive light and go from here.

Without knowing what the problem is, how can it ever be fixed?

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