Figures Show Poland's Totalizator Emerges In Better Position After Pandemic 2020

Published March 12, 2021 by Lee R

Figures Show Poland's Totalizator Emerges In Better Position After Pandemic 2020

Totalizator Sportowy is expanding offerings and gaining momentum despite the 2020 challenges.

The pandemic was rough on land-based operations, but contributed to a rise in emerging European iGaming markets such as Poland.

Environmentally Conducive

Social benefits were achieved at the other end of the apocryphal pandemic shutdowns—because so many operators ramped up online operations and so many more players were ready to seize the technological conveniences.

Totalizator's Rise

The figures for Poland were led by Lotto operator Totalizator Sportowy’s sales bulging a full 49.9% to PLN16.38bn (£3.06bn/€3.57bn/$4.23bn) for fiscal year 2020, with record highs for money contributed to good causes punctuating the outcome.

Social Contributions

The social benefit totaled a PLN1.10bn contribution from Totalizator Sportowy to sport and cultural activities subsidisation in Poland to exceed the 2019 record by 0.2%.

Totalizator Representative Speaks

A spokesman for Totalizator confirmed that “Polish sport and national culture received more money than in 2019” while attributing the growth to Lotto players, “without whom there would be no increase in sales.”

Breaking Down Revenue

The contribution breakdown totaled PLN827.5m to sport and PLN220.7m to cultural activities, leaving revenue collected by Totalizator at PLN15.38bn for a 55.5% year-on-year jump in 2020.

Further contributions by Totalizator Sportowy included a gaming tax contribution of PLN1.18bn representing a 9.2% year-on-year jump to bring Totalizator's overall contribution between subsidies and taxes to PLN2.29bn.

Expansion and Diversification

The operator also diversified and expanded with the introduction of a host of new live casino products along with 350 new slot arcades, elevating Totalizator to the level of largest slot arcade operator with a total of 520 venues.

Resilience Factor

The expansion of Totalizator in a time of contraction and uncertainty provides an apt example of how certain emerging markets driven by iGaming can reapportion the revenue increase to solidify their infrastructure and expand their offerings.

The Social Component

The re-apportionment of funds to social causes in Poland further demonstrates how any market relying on iGaming to expand in this day and age has the best chance of succeeding if the funds re-investment strategy is laid out beforehand.


It is encouraging to see Poland as an emerging European market weather the storm of pandemic closures so well, with the added social re-investment a bonus outcome unseen in other European market figures to this point.

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