Financial Fixed Odds Betting at Ladbrokes Casino

Published October 13, 2013 by OCR Editor

Financial Fixed Odds Betting at Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes offers market-savvy gamblers 3 exciting ways to place Financial Fixed Odds bets on different products in the stock market.

Financial fixed odds betting is a new and innovative form of gambling that allows gamblers to place bets on specific products finishing above or below a predetermined market level. Ladbrokes Casino has pioneered this type of betting and offers players three ways to make financial fixed odds bets.

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The first option is Moving Odds/Binary Bets, so called because the odds move while the market levels remain fixed during a specific betting period. During this betting period, players can bet on whether the market will finish above the fixed market level at close, or below the fixed market level.  

The second option is Static Odds/Binary Bets. In these types of financial fixed odd bets, there are four moving market levels on which players can place bets during a betting period of their choosing.  With these bets, players have the opportunity to get greater value from their wager if the market level rises or falls significantly during the chosen betting period.

The third option is Range Odds/Binary Bets, which offers a mighty 18 different market level ranges on which gamblers can place bets during a chosen betting period. In this form of betting, both market levels and odds are moving.

Financial Fixed Odds Betting at Ladbrokes

While this type of betting might sound complicated, it can be great fun for people who understand how the stock market works. It's also involves a higher level of sophistication that regular casino games, which many gamblers find appealing.

You can find out more about financial fixed odds betting by visiting Ladbrokes today.

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