Finland Moves to Ban Online Gambling

Published May 14, 2009 by OCR Editor

Finland Moves to Ban Online Gambling

Ban would be on marketing, not operating online gambling. An estimated 41% of Finns gamble weekly.

Finland currently operates state-run monopolies for all online gambling, betting and lottery. Veikkaus Oy is the lottery monopoly; RAY operates slot machines and casinos; and Finntoto runs betting on horse racing).

It seems now that this might change, as the Finnish parliament is debating a ban on all gambling marketing.

EU Law
The present monopoly was challenged under EU law, for violating free trade laws. An EU Commission official complaint from 2006 is still pending.

An all-out ban would affect Finnish companies and monopolies as well.

Gambling in Finland
The following estimated figures are revealing:

Finland's national gambling market is worth 2.2 billion euros annually.

41% of Finns gamble on a weekly basis.

82% of Finns support the monopoly system (according to a June 2008 survey by Veikkaus Oy).

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