First Arcade Slot for Casino La Vida

Published October 26, 2012 by OCR Editor

First Arcade Slot for Casino La Vida

A revolution for online casino gaming conventions.

A game like no other was released at Casino La Vida, the online Microgaming casino, late September this year.

Defying the neat previous categorizations of slot machine games, table games and progressive jackpots, Max Damage and the Alien Attack are different - the first arcade slot game from Microgaming.

Max Damage

Ostensibly a space-themed shooting game, the format of Max Damage is the key to its uniqueness. The player acts as Max Damage, ridding the galaxies of danger one enemy space ship at a time. However, instead of the conventional reels, the player is faced with a vertically-oriented arcade-style screen down which threatening alien craft fly towards Max Damage, front of stage at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Also, instead of the traditional paylines found in slot games, the gamer is rewarded with arcade-style benefits like Shield, Health and Life 'boosters' and missile and firepower upgrades to help Max Damage complete his missions successfully.

A "Different" Game

This information is deceptively straightforward in that belies the power Max Damage and the Alien Attack has to change the way online casino games are played forever. Whereas before slot machine games were mostly a case of striking it lucky (or not), Max Damage and the Alien Attack boasts nine levels for the player to survive with a limited amount of lives, with ever-more challenging alien ships and the even more fearsome 'boss ships'. The meaner the ship or the more difficult the level, the more coins the player is rewarded with. Thus we have a storyline, themed casino game (before only conventional slot games) in which the player must rely on their skills to secure winnings.

This implies that the game will definitely appeal to a player looking for something completely different, a player who yearns for the good old days playing arcade games for hours at a time as a child and also for the player who gets bored easily - because there is an actual point to Max Damage and the Alien Attack aside from getting rich, which is rare indeed.

Give it a try!

View Max Damage and the Alien Attack and other new games at Casino La Vida.

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