First Presidential Debate Swings Betting Odds Further in Clinton's Favor

Ivan P. - September 27, 2016

Winning odds on Hillary Clinton increased 6%, from 63% to 69%, after last night's first presidential debate in lieu of November election.

A much anticipated first presidential debate in lieu of November election did not disappoint. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump engaged in a discussion on a number of relevant topics like the US foreign policy, crime rates, and gun control.

As expected, Clinton entered the debate much better prepared to tackle particular issues, while Trump mostly stuck to accusations and had problems keeping his cool. There was no surprise there, as the two candidates have had significantly different campaign approaches since day one, but the last night's head-to-head has swung the odds further in Hillary's favor.

Trump's Positive Momentum Stopped

Approaching the debate night, Trump has had a lot going on for him. Betfair has been showing a steady and significant increase in odds since mid-August, seriously threatening to close the gap.

One thing that Donald Trump does have going on for him is the fact that despite all of his public notoriety, he's never been involved with politics. However, a clear lack of information, publicly put on display during the last night's debate, could be too much for Americans to simply look past.

While Trump does represent a counter-balance of sorts to the political establishment in the States, he doesn’t seem to have much else to offer, and the concluded presidential debate, as well as the two upcoming ones, could prove to be his undoing.

Odds on Hillary Clinton up by 6%

A 6% upward movement in terms of winning odds on Hillary is a big indicator of things to come if Trump doesn’t change his approach to debates. Prior to the last night, Betfair had Clinton at 63% to win the election and this morning the odds stand at 69%, while Trump plummeted to 31%.

William Hill has Clinton at 4/9 odds (1.44), while Trump is at 7/4 (2.75).

Online Gambling not on Agenda

Although we didn't quite expect it, there was still some hope that the issue of regulated online gambling in the States would at least come up during the debate. However, the candidates clearly had much more pressing issues to discuss.

There are two more debates coming up, though, and it would definitely be interesting to hear both Clinton's and Trump's position on the matter and if they have any plans to tackle the issue during the presidential term. 

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