Football Betting Sees Decrease in Russia

Published March 7, 2016 by Lee R

Football Betting Sees Decrease in Russia

Economic valuation, regulation progress, and time zone differences all influence betting activity in Russia.

In an interesting online sports betting development, football betting was down in Russia year-on-year for 2015.

Football Wagering Down

In a country where new regulations are being reviewed, Russian gambling firm First Gaming revealed that the figure of 40% of wagering expenditure for the world's most popular sport was down from 46% in 2014. First Gaming sponsor Rub90 allayed concerns by pointing out that in 2015 the sport lacked an online wager fest such as provided by the FIFA World Cup of 2014.

Another noticeable drop came in average wager size, which dropped almost 50% from $30.08 in 2014 to $15.35. Rub90 attributed this seemingly precipitous drop to a lack of marquee sporting events such as Sochi's winter Olympics in 2014 in addition to the World Cup, along with a drop in the value of the Russian currency ruble.

Other Races

In a country where popular online casinos include Real Deal Bet, EuroGrand and Winner Casino, there were several tight races for the remaining spots. Basketball and tennis ran a close second and third, according to the report, claiming 18.35% and 18,19% of sports wagers last year, with volleyball and ice hockey tied for fourth at 10.13%.

As far as the professional sports league that generated the most wagering, the NBA ranked first at 3.87% of total betting. A close second was the Continental Hockey League at 3.67%, and the UEFA Football Champions League not far behind in third.

As far as average individual sporting wager was concerned, the winner was basketball at $19.39, beating out football ($16.81) and rising contender handball ($16.54).

Punting Patterns

An important indicator of betting trends is the split between live and pre-match betting figures, which remained virtually unchanged year-on-year.

Live betting’s share increased to 96% in the standard peak activity late evening and early morning hours when punters seek instant gratification and follow NBA and North American time zone matches. Perhaps the time is right to begin wagering on sports betting activity. 


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