Formula 1 Revs Up Engines with eSports Series After Grand Prix Postponed

Published March 31, 2020 by Brett C

Formula 1 Revs Up Engines with eSports Series After Grand Prix Postponed

The novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – has indefinitely postponed sports across the board, including the Azerbaijan GP. Now, F1 has launched an exciting new eSports competition in place of the Grand Prix!

COVID-19 Fears Shutter  Azerbaijan Grand Prix

COVID-19, the global pandemic that has shut down economies around the world has had an equally devastating impact on sports leagues and competitions. It was recently announced that the Azerbaijan Grand Prix motor racing series would be closed as a result of the virus. In its place, F1 announced the launch of an eSports competition known as F1 eSports Virtual Grand Prix.

Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix on PC

The Virtual Racing launched on Sunday, 22 March 2020, with the Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix in place of the Bahrain Grand Prix that was slated to take place that day. The F1 eSports Virtual Grand Prix Series will make use of the 2019 PC video game, with a virtual Sakhir racing track measured at 50% of the length, with 28 laps. Participating race car drivers include current F1 drivers who took part in the qualifier to determine where they would begin on the grid.

The Formula One eSports Virtual Grand Prix will run through May, on the proviso that the actual Formula One series remains suspended. If the coronavirus outbreak continues beyond that point, the eSports competition will be extended. The points that are generated by the eSports Virtual Grand Prix will not count towards the actual F1 standings.

Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series Delights F1 Fans

The objective of launching the eSports Virtual Grand Prix Series is to keep fans entertained while regular F1 action goes into lockdown. The novel coronavirus outbreak has shut down every single major sports league in the world, including the Azerbaijan Grand Prix slated for June 7, 2020. With so much concern over the latest pandemic, Baku City Circuit officials wasted no time agreeing to postpone the Grand Prix.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is the eighth race of the year that has either been postponed or cancelled as a result of the pandemic. The race organizers, in consultation with health officials and government bodies deemed it best to postpone the matches for the public good. Other events that have been cancelled include the Australian, Vietnam, Bahrain, Monaco, Spanish, Dutch, and Chinese Grand Prix. The Canadian Grand Prix is next in line, and if not cancelled will take place on June 14, 2020 in Montréal, Canada.

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