Free Games as Therapy

Published February 9, 2006 by OCR Editor

Free Games as Therapy

A recent study into gambling addiction by researchers at the University of Minnesota, have discovered that a new and experimental drug called Nalmefene may seriously reduce the desire to participate in gambling activities at the online casino.

Many players don't suffer from compulsive gambling but for the ones that do, this may help them battle strong cravings to play casino games. Another possible solution to excessive gambling is free gambling available just about everywhere on the net.

Dr. Robert Freedman believes problem gambling can be cured with medication and that it goes beyond being a social problem. According to him, excessive gambling is caused by activity in the brain. A drug, Nalmefene, was used on 207 to check for compulsive online gambling. Nearly two thirds of the participants showed signs of improvement as well as positive results.

But for players and fans with less immediate problems when it comes to online gambling, there could be several other options to examine. Free gaming is an option hat should not overlooked. Many fans have been playing free software and flash instant games for a while. It's a great way to practice your skills and enjoy your favorite games. In these, no money is wagered or won; it's just gaming for the fun of it.

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