Free Gaming and the Law

Published October 13, 2006 by OCR Editor

Free Gaming and the Law

In the wake of bill passed in the US, which contained language banning certain online gambling activities, the existence of regular gaming in America might seem to be in doubt, but as far as free games are concerned Americans who like to play, for free th

Free games are the type which, as the name implies, can be played for free. They are downloaded along with the rest of the site's software, and the way one can sign up to play them is usually by simply choosing the "Play for Fun" option at the casino lobby.

Free games are those games that you don't really have to worry about setting up an account and payment system for before playing. A gambler gets a certain amount of virtual cash to spend and wager as she chooses, and though if something is won no actual payout is given, the experience of playing games for free is one which has made the sites offer a greater selection with time. What with the recent passage of the Unlawful Gambling Act, it might very well be the case that more and more companies will choose to simply offer free games to keep their brand name well known in the States while the fate of online gambling is decided by the courts or by voters.

There are many opponents to the bill, but very few opponents to free online casino games. Free games don't cost any money to play. If someone has a gambling addiction, it is quite possible that the playing of free games in a system of learned moderation can help wean someone off of their bad habit. Whatever the future will be for regular games, it is a safe bet that no one will be declaring them illegal anytime soon.

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