Friendly Matches: Still Worth A Bet

Published February 8, 2013 by OCR Editor

Friendly Matches: Still Worth A Bet

Why do teams play friendly matches? Can punters still bet on them?

Germany is still reeling after its historic win yesterday in the Stade de France: After 26 years, Germany finally beat France in a friendly match on the 7th of February. Most of the German players won't even remember the last time this happened in 1987. No doubt German scorers Thomas Müller and Sami Khedira are kicking themselves that the match was just a friendly, but hope is in the air nonetheless.


Why do clubs play friendly matches?

Friendly matches, or exhibition matches as they used to be known, have no competitive value. They lie outside any official league, premiership etc and are really matches for the sake of matches. There are however, more than a few reasons why they are still played: Although there is no prize money, teams can of course raise money through ticket sales. As far as the team manager is concerned, friendly matches are good preparation for the players, and a chance to try out tactics on the pitch. It is also a good opportunity for managers to select their players for the season.

And as for the punters - there is still entertainment value in watching a friendly, even though it sits outside any competition.

Betting on Friendly Matches

Bookies generally cover "friendlies"as they would other matches. William Hill, Ladbrokes, 888 Sport and Paddy Power all offer this service. The next big UK friendly isn't until May 29th 2013, when England take on the Republic of Ireland.

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