FUGASO Debuts "FRUITS ROYALE 5": A Nostalgic Slot Game Experience with a Modern Twist

OCR Editor. - October 11, 2023

FUGASO proudly unveils "FRUITS ROYALE 5", redefining classic fruit slot games with enhanced features and a globally accessible platform available in numerous languages.


FUGASO introduces its latest slot sensation, "FRUITS ROYALE 5", bridging the gap between nostalgia and modern gaming. Inspired by the iconic fruit slots that have been a casino's mainstay for decades, this game adds a fresh layer to the classic experience.

This game comes after dozens of casino games were released in 2023, including the popular games recently, Ancient Riches Slots and Fruits Royale Slots.

A Majestic Revival of Fruit Slots

Delve into the luxury of yesteryears as "FRUITS ROYALE 5" takes center stage with its 5-reel, 3-row grid. Showcasing five paylines, the game is adorned with familiar fruit symbols, now re-envisioned with a touch of royalty. Accompanied by a soothing, jazzy soundtrack, players will feel transported to a nostalgic epoch where slot machines resonate with elegant charm.

Gameplay Highlights

Venture into a game where both seasoned players and novices will find pleasure. Boasting a max exposure multiplier of x1000, "FRUITS ROYALE 5" ensures that players are always on the edge of their seats. Its medium volatility strikes an impeccable balance, ensuring both regular wins and the potential for significant payouts, catering to a wide spectrum of risk appetites.

FRUITS ROYALE 5 Screenshot

Global Accessibility

In a bid to reach a worldwide audience, "FRUITS ROYALE 5" supports a multitude of languages ranging from English, French, and Spanish to Japanese, Hindi, and Vietnamese, among many others. This multi-lingual feature ensures that players worldwide can immerse themselves in the game without language being a barrier.

Technical Specifics

For enthusiasts keen on the specifics:

  • Game Type: Classic Slot
  • Game Name: fruitsroyale5
  • Game ID: 121
  • RTP: 95.66%
  • Max Exposure Multiplier: X1000
  • Languages: [English, French, Deutschland, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese.]

"FRUITS ROYALE 5" by FUGASO promises an enthralling slot experience reminiscent of traditional games yet infused with the dynamics of modern gameplay. As casinos worldwide continue to evolve, FUGASO stays at the forefront, offering titles that resonate with both new-age gamers and traditionalists. With "FRUITS ROYALE 5", they've once again asserted their commitment to providing top-notch gaming experiences for all. Join the adventure and indulge in a slot experience like no other!

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