Fugaso Launches Book of Billionaire Network Tourneys

Published February 21, 2023 by Brett C

Fugaso Launches Book of Billionaire Network Tourneys

Compete for a monthly prize pool of €500,000. Enjoy your favourite games and accumulate points in diverse ways to stay on the leaderboard. Over €5,000,000 in rewards are up for grabs by over 35,000 players in the next 12 months!

Book of Billionaire – Networked Tourney Games

The following games are included in the "Book of Billionaire" network tournaments:

  • Book of Anime
  • Diamond Blitz 40
  • Diamond Blitz 100
  • Fat Mama's Wheel
  • Fortune Circus
  • Hit The Diamond
  • Jewel Sea Pirate Riches
  • King of The Ring
  • Lil' Santa
  • Lil' Santa Bonus Buy
  • Magnify Man
  • Santa's Jingle Wheel
  • Sugar Drop
  • Sugar Drop XMAS
  • The Mummy Win Hunters

The Tournament Widget Tool

A tournament widget is a one-of-a-kind tool that comes built-in with every tournament game on Desktop and Mobile versions. It's designed to be hassle-free and provides continuous support to players from the beginning of the game until the end of the tournament process. In addition, this widget gives notifications about the tournament's prize pool, regulations, terms and conditions, duration, and many other features to enhance the player's experience in the tournament.

How to Get in on the Action?

To participate in the "Book of Billionaire" series tournament offered by Fugaso, players must be at least 18 years of age and meet all the other requirements outlined in the tournament rules and terms and conditions. Furthermore, players must play any Fugaso game participating in the tournament with a minimum bet of €0.20 or its currency equivalent. If the minimum bet amount is unavailable, players must round up to the next larger bet size available in the game.

Tournament Points up for Grabs

Each round of the tournament is calculated by awarding two points to each €1 bet placed by the player (or equivalent currency). For instance, a €1 bet will earn you two tournament points. In addition, every €1 (or equivalent currency) won by the player in the round will be calculated, and for every €1 won by the player, they will be awarded two tournament points. So, if a player wins €10, they will earn 20 tournament points. Players can climb the tournament leaderboard by accumulating more tournament points through their gameplay.

Prize Payouts & Big Winners

The top 750 players on the tournament leaderboard during a specific period will share the €125,000 prize pool. It is important to note that this tournament is only available during real money plays, and no extra deposits or costs are required to participate. Prizes will be added to the winner's casino account within 24 hours of the accepted tournament results.

The tournament leaderboard will automatically update every few minutes, and every player receives a personal tourney ID for the tournament leaderboard. Expect delays if you happen to modify the currency during tournaments. The currency type (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY) during the tourney timeframe can reset your progress on the tournament leaderboard. The judging panel includes the top players who accumulated the highest tournament points during this tournament. For example, if 2+ players have an equal amount of tourney points after this tourney, the casino player hitting the target first gets ranked higher.

Playing Rules & Conditions

Players with higher stakes have more chances of winning the tournament than players with lower stakes. The cash prize pool is €125,000, and in such cases where one of the tournament winners is using a different currency on their stakes, the cash prize will convert to the currency in which you are playing and will be added to your casino account. Only finished bets will qualify for the leaderboard.

Fugaso reserves the right to change the tournament rules at its sole discretion whenever necessary. However, it's important to note that malfunctions during the tournament will void all pays and plays. Fugaso has the right to cancel any scores or prizes subject to fraud or manipulation during the tournament or game process. By qualifying for the tournament, players automatically agree to the terms and conditions and all the requirements set by the online casino hosting the tournament. Furthermore, Fugaso fully covers 100% of the prizes that are up for grabs in the tournament.

Niko Mazger, CEO at Fugaso

Niko Mazger, CEO at FUGASO, expressed gratitude for his fantastic team's experience and hard work. Due to the team members' expertise, FUGASO overcame their goals and progressed much more quickly than the average provider. He stated that he is genuinely grateful to have such a strong team, which leads FUGASO as a player to be reckoned with within the iGaming industry.

Over €5,000,000 in Prizes

FUGASO is excited to start the "Book of Billionaire" network tournaments; during the next 12 months, over 35,000 winning players will take home over €5,000,000. Players can enjoy their favourite games and compete against others to win huge prizes, while FUGASO provides new and exciting ways to play and win.


FUGASO's "Book of Billionaire" network tournaments offer players a chance to win big while playing their favourite games. The contest rewards players with a massive monthly prize pool of €500,000, and with the tournament widget tool, players can easily keep track of their progress throughout the tournament. FUGASO is excited to offer over €5,000,000 in prizes to over 35,000 winning players in the next 12 months. With the fantastic team at FUGASO and the exciting new ways to play and win, FUGASO continues to be a player to be reckoned with in the iGaming industry.

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