Gambler Scoops $327,000 on Scottish Referendum "No" Bet

Published September 25, 2014 by Amir G

Gambler Scoops $327,000 on Scottish Referendum

London gambler earned $327,000 after wagering a record political bet on Scotland to reject independence in the referendum.

Last Thursday's Scottish referendum saw Scotland saying "No" to independence after some 2 million Scots voted against parting with the United Kingdom, composing a total percentage of 55.3% against 44.7% who voted for independence.

£200,000 for "No"

Apart from the historical decision, the Scottish referendum was also fertile ground for political betting. Months ahead of the referendum, leading online sportsbook William Hill was offering betting markets on the outcome.

One businessman from London was so convinced that Scotland will not part with the UK that he wagered £900,000 ($1.4m) that the Scots will vote" No. The man wagered the sum in four different big wagers at a betting ship in southwest London. The decision made by the gambler who was described by William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams as "an investor" paid off when Scotland indeed voted against separation from the UK, earning the political bettor £200,000 ($327,000).

Sportsbooks Went with "No"

The odds offered by sportsbooks before the Scottish referendum indicated that Scotland will vote "No". Sportsbook Betfair has even gone so far that it had actually paid out early to punters who wagered on "No" 48 hours before the polls in Scotland even opened. William Hill said that it took £3 million worth of political bets on the Scottish referendum, triple the sum punters wagered four years ago in the British general election.

William Hill Political Betting

William Hill stands on the forefront of political betting, offering markets on UK, European and US politics with markets like the next London mayor and the future presidential elections in France and the in the US. With recent news about Prince William and Duchess Kate expecting a second child, we can expect to see political betting markets having to do with the name, sex or birth date for the next royal baby.

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