Gamblers Who Do Not Know Land Based Casino

Published February 5, 2007 by OCR Editor

Gamblers Who Do Not Know Land Based Casino

Surveys among college students in the United States tell a fascinating story. So does a visit onto campus, practically any campus. Students, mainly males, are big fans of online casino games.

You can find them at the back of the lecture hall, with their laptop, playing the games silently, at the dorm rooms, with high speed wireless connection at the small hours of the night, on the sofa in the reading room at the library at the center of campus and so on. Their acquaintance and falling for online casino gambling is unique to their generation and age, something that was unimaginable years ago, in the days when gambling was possible only at land based casinos.

It has been about ten years that online casino gambling has spread in availability and popularity. Until then the land based casino was the only option for students (or anyone for that matter) to gamble. Of these, gambling among college students has risen in every one of the past five years. For example, in 2006, 16 percent of all college-age males, a survey reveals, played cards at least on a once a week basis, up from 13 percent the year before. These numbers, published by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, practically depict the college campus as one big land based casino.

The revolution that online casino sites have brought is not to be underestimated. Imagine a complex of buildings, a fun loving community, dorm rooms serving as hotel rooms and 24/7 available wireless connection the stage is set for the land based casino to operate uninterruptedly. Professor Ken Winters of the University of Minnesota, who has studied youth addiction, commented: I make a joke that ... the second-best gambling environment in America is the college dorm." With online casino gambling almost too easy and available on campus, the college does become a land based casino in some aspects.

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