Gambling Act Curbs Spam

Published December 9, 2007 by OCR Editor

Gambling Act Curbs Spam

How did the UK Gambling Act helped curb the amount of spam from online casinos? Simply by welcoming the industry to the mainstream advertising world.

Spam has haunted the Internet for years. It continues to harass users today. Children are one potential victim group that may be exposed to inappropriate ads, not merely content that is a nuisance.

Having been kept outside the mainstream advertising world, online gambling companies had to resort to alternative means to get their brands and services out. On these media, including social networks such as MySpace and Bebo, have a large number of underage members.

There, children 7 to 16 years old might be exposed to such content as dating services, nudity and gambling.

It poses a classic dilemma: keep an industry out of the mainstream and end up with children exposed to the alternative advertising strategies or embrace the industry and regulate it to avoid such harmful side-effects.

A study released by the National Consumer Council in the UK shows that 25 percent of ads on websites popular with children were actually aimed at adults.

The conclusion of the study solicitors and our own is better regulation of these sites. We add another conclusion, namely that of allowing online gambling companies to advertise like any other legit industry.

As a matter of fact, the study was conducted prior to the Gambling Act taking force in the UK in September. These rules and regulations have changed the world of online gambling, allowing it a foothold in the mainstream market and monitoring its activity according to strict and clear laws.

Now, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says, "only permitted advertisers can advertise in the UK."

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