Gambling Adverts Standards Enforced

Published April 26, 2008 by OCR Editor

Gambling Adverts Standards Enforced

The UK Advertising Standards Authority banned two adverts for linking online gambling to sexual prowess.

The advertising watchdog is no one's puppy, it is made clear as the UK Advertising Standards Authority bans two gambling advertisements.

The ASA is in charge of enforcing the advertising standards and codes. It has been called to do so on two different occasions recently, as gambling advertisements for online casino Paddy Power and an InterCasino campaign have crossed the lines.

Sexual Prowess
Under regulations, which are enforced, it is now made clear, online gambling advertisements may not tie between online betting and one's sexual prowess and self esteem. The ASA stated in its announcement regarding Paddy Power's advert that it had linked gambling to "seduction, sexual success and enhanced attractiveness."

That was the message that the advert conveyed when it presented a dwarf in a limousine in the company of two women, cigar and champagne glass in hand.

The ad appeared in print media.

Slapstick Humor
The InterCasino advert, this one on television, featured "slapstick, juvenile humor that was likely to appeal to children," according to the ASA ruling.

The dwarves in this ad engaged in "Jackass-style," with no sexual insinuation, though appealing to children and young people.

In Their Defense
The online gambling industry, which now is allowed to advertise in the media, has behaved on its best side until now.

Specifically regarding the two banned adverts, Paddy Power claims to have recreated a famous scene from the 1980s Hollywood film "Wall Street," starring Michael Douglas, and InterCasino claimed references to Charlie Chaplin and Benny Hill.

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