Gambling Arguments - What's Next?

Published February 11, 2007 by OCR Editor

Gambling Arguments - What's Next?

We have all been following, in between games and gambling sessions, the fight that some countries are carrying out against the industry. While many around the world, millions and millions and growing still, enjoy an evening of responsible gambling every s

Critics of online gambling may indeed be right at times. Irresponsible gaming and an unregulated industry are a threat a moral, legal and business threat. But surely there is a way to handle this in more responsible and effective ways than the escalation of rhetoric.

Critics in the United States, both the largest market and the harshest persecutor of the sites, are making strange sounds these days. Allegations such as a possible connection between sites and the funding of terrorist cells are thrown in the air. Obviously groundless and possible only in a world where the market is absolutely broken and lacking any regulation whatsoever, such accusations help neither the operations nor the discourse surrounding the legal future of the sites.

If there are any arguments against gamblers and it is accepted even by the operators of gambling sites that such do exist there is a proper way to bring them up and talk them over. Scare tactics, imported from other discourses in the United States and elsewhere and involving sleeper cells and terror threats are not relevant to say the least. The authorities and the regulating organizations can work together in finding solutions to money laundering if that really exist, and more urgently to issues of fair gaming and legit operations, but inn order to do so, they must be willing to talk to each other. Such allegations make it seem as if this is not the case.

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