Gambling Cruise Ships Hit Choppy Waters

Published February 1, 2009 by OCR Editor

Gambling Cruise Ships Hit Choppy Waters

Cruise ship companies are feeling the bite with easier access to gambling online for customers rather than on their boats. What is to come?

It appears that both land based and now even cruise ship based casinos are starting to feel the biting sting of the online gambling industry.

Cruise ships are currently allowed to open up their casinos for US based players as long as the boat is at least three miles offshore, which is considered as international waters by law. Some companies offer "cruises to nowhere" to capitalize on just that law and will troll around for hours strictly for gambling purposes.

While this type of entertainment was popular for awhile, the ever reaching and thorough hand of the internet has convinced more and more people to stay at home while still getting their playing fix from the comforts of their own computer.

Now, cruise corporations are trying to figure out creative ways to get passengers back on board. Florida is considering allowing ships to open up while still in port, much like the river boats of years past, which also may attract nostalgia-lovers and customers looking for a new experience.

However, the downside to this is the expensive boarding fees and possible wait times at the dock before boarding. So nostalgia or getting away for a mini-vacation may not be enough motivation to pull customers back in.

So what's next for the multi-billion dollar cruise ship gambling business? As technology continues to advance, only time will tell. Ships ahoy!

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