Gambling platform BetForge Unveils its Brand New CRM System

Published February 17, 2022 by Florin P

Gambling platform BetForge Unveils its Brand New CRM System

BetForge’s CRM system gets a massive upgrade from Turbomates Soft, to better serve the interests of their online gambling partners.

BetForge is a popular gambling platform that provides Internet operators with the tools they need to be successful. Those who seek to establish Turnkey online casinos, sportsbooks, and betting exchanges from scratch can rely on their software. At the core of their platform is software provided by Turbomates Soft, a reputable IT company from Belarus. They’ve been providing mobile and web development services for more than a decade and are the driving force behind the software used by top online gambling operators.

BetForge Platform Upgraded by Turbomates Soft

The overhaul of the BetForge gambling platform will open new avenues for online operators using their software. Turbomates Soft upgrades and new features will provide the powerful analytics tools needed to improve user engagement. Operators will have superior information about gaming events and processes, not to mention a new and effective bonus system. BetForge’s platform is quite new, as it was established in 2021. The fact that they already got a major overhaul speaks volumes about their commitment to providing online operators with the best services.

A glance at the analytics will provide immediate and reliable information regarding financial transactions, games, and bets. The data is updated in real-time, so gambling operators are always in the loop with what players regarded as things of interest. Monthly reports are equally useful, as they provide in-depth information regarding regular and jackpot winnings, the size of the best, and other relevant details. All are essential to track and predict the gambling business development.

An Exceptional CRM System Free of Charge 

At the cornerstone of the successful development of any gambling business is the ability to analyze the core processes. BetForge’s CRM system does that and also helps with the creation of marketing activities, while helping gambling operators evaluate their growth and player engagement. Their partners are provided with the tools required to anticipate the needs and expectations of active and potential players. It keeps track of essential details, such as the frequency of site visits and the length of gaming sessions.

The system is also useful in getting a better understanding of the gaming habits of valued customers. It sheds light on the favorite games, their activity on the site, and other processes that are needed to thoroughly understand the iGaming processes. Turbomates Soft officials have confirmed the fact that the information extracted using the previous analytics is not replaced. Instead, it is saved and the new data is supplemented, while the brand-new CRM system is offered to clients free of charge.

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