Gaming Hub to be Founded in Singapore

Published July 30, 2006 by OCR Editor

Gaming Hub to be Founded in Singapore

During the Asian Casinos Executive Summit, which to place this week, the Singapore News Today commented that Singapore will hopefully become a hub for the region's industry, with two major land-based casinos in the works, and the possibility of the countr

At the moment, the Philippines is the only Asian country to offer legalized online gambling licenses for sites providing a hub complete with all of the necessary equipment to provide great services for online gaming companies.

The publication quotes Tom Hall, president of software provider PlayTech Asia, as saying: Singapore has fantastic technical support and infrastructure. Given a choice between the Philippines and Singapore, many will probably prefer Singapore. But this can only be true if the government will legalize the operators. Additional support for Singapore to create a push to legalize it has to do with the gaming experts' opinions that online gaming is poised to grow, especially in Asia.

There are many benefits, as well as disadvantages, to legalizing the sites in Singapore and in other Asian countries. Each government will have to decide if the positive aspects of online gambling outweigh the negative ones. Much more research will probably be conducted by the government in Singapore regarding this issue; the fact remains, however, that it could one day be a major hub for online gaming if it decides to make this industry part of its culture.

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