Gamzix Launches 'Olympus of Luck' Slot with Innovative Hold the Spin Feature

OCR Editor. - November 8, 2023
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Gamzix unveils 'Olympus of Luck,' a slot game set in the divine Greek Pantheon, offering players 25 paylines, enriched with Wilds, Scatters, and a captivating Bonus game feature.

Gamzix, a renowned developer in the gaming industry, invites players to ascend to divine heights with its latest slot offering, 'Olympus of Luck.' This new title blends classic slot elements with innovative features, set against the backdrop of the mythic Mount Olympus.

Engaging Mechanics on Mythological Reels

'Olympus of Luck' presents a classical 5-reel, 4-row setup with 25 paylines that enthrall players with its blend of regular, Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbols, ensuring that each spin has the potential for a memorable outcome. The game's mechanics are finely tuned to provide an engaging player experience reminiscent of the godly powers of Olympus.

Bonus Features with Enhanced Player Interaction

The standout Bonus game in 'Olympus of Luck' is based on Gamzix's favored Hold the Spin mechanic, now augmented with the new Collector and Mega Collector coins. These unique coins escalate the excitement by accumulating all the winnings from specific coins already present on the reels.

A Pantheon of Jackpots

Within the Bonus game lies the opportunity for players to strike one of four types of Jackpots: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The ultimate treasure, the Platinum Jackpot, is achieved by collecting 20 coins on the reels, offering a glorious win in true Olympian spirit.

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More Ways to Win with Free Spins and Purchase Feature

Players can further their quest for riches with the Free Spins feature, which is attainable through gameplay or can be directly purchased. This feature propels players closer to the Bonus Game, where Jackpots and major wins await.

Flexible RTP and Stunning Win Potential

'Olympus of Luck' caters to a wide range of players by offering variable RTP rates of 94%, 95%, and 96%. With a maximum win potential exceeding x5300, the game stands out as a high-stakes journey to the heavens of fortune.

A Divine Gaming Experience Awaits

Gamzix's 'Olympus of Luck' slots into the market as a heavenly blend of mythological storytelling and advanced slot mechanics. With its engaging Hold the Spin feature, the excitement of collecting jackpots, and the allure of substantial win potential, 'Olympus of Luck' is set to become a staple for slot enthusiasts seeking divine gameplay experiences. As players seek favor from the deities, 'Olympus of Luck' offers a realm where fortune and fun converge in an epic gaming odyssey.

Discovering Gamzix: A Fresh Face in Slot Gaming

In the fast-paced world of online slots, Gamzix has made a significant impact despite its recent inception in January 2020. As an emerging slot provider, Gamzix has rapidly expanded its portfolio to offer games that are visually striking and filled with vibrant colors. Their artistic approach marries well with classic casino motifs, ensuring that their titles are not only eye-catching but also resonate with traditional slot enthusiasts.

The Gamzix collection boasts a range of themes, but it is mainly known for infusing new life into fruit slot classics. Among their creations, 'Hoonga Boonga', 'Go Wild', and 'Hot Life' have risen to popularity, distinguishing themselves with engaging gameplay and a fresh take on time-honored slot traditions. This dynamic provider may be the new kid on the block, but it's clear that Gamzix is committed to crafting experiences that stand out in the bustling slot game arena.

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