Gary Kaplan: From BetOnSports to US Prison

Published November 9, 2009 by OCR Editor

Gary Kaplan: From BetOnSports to US Prison

A week into Betonsport Plc's founder's 51 month sentence in prison.

US District Judge Carol E. Jackson stood firm when delivering a 51 month sentence to BetOnSports Plc founder Gary S. Kaplan recently.

Kaplan was arraigned into Federal custody after overwhelming evidence was found linking him and 11 other people with conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Kaplan's company forfeited some $43.7 million.

Violation of US Law
Two of the accused are still at large while nine others have pleaded guilty to the charges. BetOnSports Plc proved to be a financial success while it was up and running. It took in some $1.25 billion in 2004 with all but 2% of its revenues coming from the USA. After Kaplan pleaded guilty to the charges, his sentence was handed to him - from 41 to 51 months behind bars.

He was at large in the Dominican Republican for nine months before being apprehended. Until that point, Kaplan had served 31 months in jail. His defense lawyer, Mr. Flood argued in favor of less punitive measures - citing that in 90% of similar cases other defendants received "a sentence of probation or a fine."

US Prosecution Attorney Steven Holtshouser, argued that the nature of the crimes were so severe that Kaplan deserved a harsh sentence. The prosecution was not impressed with the manner in which Kaplan tried to hide his assets from the US Government.

Kaplan's arrest in 2007
Judge Jackson was particularly disappointed with Kaplan's flagrant violations of the law. When Kaplan was finally arrested in 2007, he had currency from Venezuela, Argentina, Switzerland, Israel and other countries in his possession. Several of his family members have also since been sentenced.

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