Georgia Gaming Congress Promotes Best Practices

Published February 5, 2015 by Lee R

Georgia Gaming Congress Promotes Best Practices

The best practices will be on full display in the unique Business Tour of local high-end casinos.

Georgia is not so well-known as a country, but it is a prominent player in the iGaming industry.

Georgia's Long-Standing iGaming Effectiveness on Display

Having legalized gambling almost 25 years ago, the Georgia Gaming Congress on February 20th represents an attractive opportunity for iGaming professionals worldwide.

This country is unique in the manner in which the country's authorities have adapted regulation legislation to take advantage of the geographical conditions that the country offers in providing a fortified, stable, modernized yet innovative iGaming environment for operators.

In Georgia, the state budget has expanded along with the industry, and the complementary regulatory and geographical conditions represent a model for insights into expanding iGaming for attendees, as the number of high-end casinos has improved along with online iGaming service, as a successful and steady contributor to the Georgia state budget.

Conference Highlight: Exclusive Casino Tour 

One attractive feature of this year's Conference which illuminates the effectiveness of these measures includes the business tour to the best casinos of Tbilisi to be held within the Gaming Congress Georgia. GCG organizer Smile-Expo invites everybody interested in the gaming industry, from business owners to those planning to invest or expand, to join forces in touring business sites in Tbilisi, in a unique event that allows all to see gambling venues in operation up close and personal in the heart of the Georgian state.

Luxurious casinos included on the Tbilisi Tour include Iberia, Shangri-La and Adjara, heading the list of visitation sites available to all those taking part in the international "Business tour within Gaming Congress Georgia" program taking place in the 2015 version. The GCG affords the opportunity for all to get acquainted with the adapted and innovative management systems of Georgia gambling businesses, and will feature business and informal meetings with owners and managers of the top gambling establishments in the country along with the country's biggest industry players.

Georgia: iGaming Leader

Designed to promote international cooperation and partnership in the gambling business, Georgia all in all represents a unique site familiarized with developing gaming zones in the outposts of Russia and Ukraine, sure to provide all attendees with insights into entering into or continuing operations in otherwise foreign territories, serving to expand the scope and capabilities of all attendees looking to expand their online or offline casino businesses.

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