German and English Football Lead European Football Leagues in Excitement

Published November 3, 2017 by Florin P

German and English Football Lead European Football Leagues in Excitement

The best English and German teams prepare for a series of red-hot contests that could well decide the winners of two major European Championships.

Champions League matches have kept football fans busy this midweek, with the best teams competing in the leading European tournament. The weekend promises to be just as exciting for those who root for some of the top teams from Germany and England. That’s because in this round of the Premier League and Bundesliga there are several high-profile derbies schedule. Even though the season is still at the beginning, the outcome of these matches could influence the race for European cup placements.

Great Opportunities for Tottenham and Liverpool

The two teams have the advantage of playing easier matches this weekend, with Tottenham welcoming Crystal Palace while Liverpool travels to West Ham. Both are favorites to win their matches and if they do, they can close the gap separating them from the leaders. Meanwhile, the best placed teams from Manchester have a hard time claiming all three points against two of the best teams from London.

Manchester United travels to Chelsea for a classic fixture, with four players missing due to injuries. The midfield is the most affected and with the Red Devils playing against Benfica in the Champions League, there will be a lot of pressure on the visitors. 10bet Sportsbook and 888 Sport both offer odds of 2/1 on Manchester United to win, while Chelsea is credited with slightly better odds of 6/4.

At the same time, Manchester City is expected to have a difficult match against Arsenal, even though the odds don’t reflect this situation. 10bet Sportsbook offers odds of only ½ on the home side to emerge victorious, whereas the bet on Arsenal will trigger significant profits. If the gunners win and players bet on them at 888 Sport they can expect odds of 5/1; 10bet Sportsbook prices them at 67/13 and rising.

Saturday is the Big Day in Bundesliga

Unlike the Premier League which saved the best for the last day of the week, the German first division has all the derbies scheduled for Saturday. Hamburg and Stuttgart reignite an old rivalry now that both teams play in the first division once again. The home side is still the only team never to have been relegated to the second league and they need all three points to stay at a safe distance. The odds on them to prevail are 7/5 at both 10bet Sportsbook and 888 Sport.

Without a doubt the most exciting match of this round and arguably the only derby of the German first flight is the one between Bayern Munich and Dortmund. The reigning champions play on the road but they are still credited with the first chance and odds of 11/10 and the aforesaid bookmakers. They were impressive against Leipzig and if they play at the same level they should dismantle their archrivals. For those who would rather bet on Dortmund, the odds are 2/1 at 888 Sport and 9/4 at 10bet Sportsbook.

Uneventful Weekend in Italy and Spain

Real Madrid is trailing Barcelona at quite a distance and is unlikely to close the gap and defend the championship. They have an easy match over the weekend, whereas Barcelona welcomes Sevilla in the only truly exciting match in the Spanish La Liga. Atletico Madrid travels to La Coruna for a match they are expected to win, whereas surging Valencia hopes to pick all three points against Levante.

In Italy all the best teams have home pitch advantage and take on weaker opponents that prompted bookmakers to offer tiny odds on their victory. AC Milan has a slightly more difficult mission on the road but they should be able to claim all three points against Sassuolo. For Italian football fans, the best match to watch in the one between Fiorentina and AS Roma where both teams receive odds of 3/2. There is also a strong possibility for the match to end undecided and the odds are 2/1 for this outcome.

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