Germany Grapples with Loot Box Regulation Ahead of Gaming Congress

OCR Editor. - October 3, 2023
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The debate on loot box regulation in video games intensifies in Germany as stakeholders prepare for the Federal Congress on Gaming and Gambling. The controversial topic is causing ripples across Europe, prompting various responses from individual nations.

Robert Hess of provides an overview of the present sentiment towards loot boxes in Germany. Countries across Europe, like Spain and Austria, are devising individual strategies. Spain is mulling age restrictions, while Austria leans towards legal interventions, reflecting the existing regulatory void.

Germany may have to consider a similar path if the local regulatory body remains inactive. A recent roundtable discussion on delved into the potential solutions for the growing concern.

Notably, this issue has permeated the Bundestag, garnering attention from MPs across party lines. Lena Werner, from the Social Democratic Party, emphasizes the need for the government to enforce responsible gaming measures. Werner asserts,

The focus should be on gaming as a recreational activity without veering into indirect gambling. We must safeguard children and young adults from possible adverse impacts.

Give Loot the Boot?

Linda Heitmann, representing the Green Party, is not just voicing concerns but actively proposing regulations. Critical of the loot box mechanism, especially its implications for the younger generation, Heitmann sees an urgent need for robust laws. She underscores the importance of awareness campaigns and holding game and app providers accountable. This includes providing information, promoting prevention, introducing tech solutions like auto slowdowns for prolonged gameplay, rewarding gaming breaks, and even potentially banning loot boxes.

Heitmann calls attention to the critical role of the Federal Agency for the Protection of Children and Young People in the Media. This entity enforces age ratings and refines complaint mechanisms and age verification processes.

Congress Calling

Loot boxes and their likeness to "simulated gambling" are causing alarm among German politicians. They argue that such gaming elements should undergo the same youth protection protocols as traditional gambling.

The discourse around loot boxes and the uptick in gambling addiction in youth has garnered attention from politicians across diverse backgrounds. Fabian Gramling from CDU/CSU advocates for a collaborative approach, suggesting regulations be co-designed with industry participants and backed by substantial research. Gramling is optimistic about the government's proactive involvement, anticipating discussions on protective strategies and funding support for research on loot boxes.

All eyes are now on the forthcoming Federal Congress on Gambling on 5 October. Here, MPs and legal experts will deliberate on potential regulatory avenues, hoping to advance the dialogue and derive actionable solutions.


Germany stands at a crossroads, grappling with the challenge of regulating loot boxes in video games. With the Federal Congress on Gaming and Gambling on the horizon, stakeholders hope to craft a balanced, effective strategy that addresses concerns while preserving the integrity and enjoyment of gaming.

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