Germany Regulation Nears as Report Outlines Effective Adaptation

Published November 26, 2019 by Lee R

Germany Regulation Nears as Report Outlines Effective Adaptation

A market valuation and proactive changes are key points in a recently released pragmatic study of the German market.

A new set of recommendations have been released in German which may finally set the table for a contemporary and effective regulation model.

The Study, Accelerated

The Gambling Research Centre's set of recommendations was completed a year early ahead of a December lawmaker meeting, and on the spurs of the German public's support of gambling law changes.

Taxation Figures

The report reveals market figures in land-based casinos in Germany paid €319 million in sales and casino taxes last year against a gross gaming revenue of €607 million; while illegal online betting sites' estimated €1.7 billion in revenue would have been liable for taxes of €915 million.

Adapting Law for Online Play

While illegal activities on the part of land-based casinos have been treated criminal offence, it turns out the same does not apply for online casinos.

Germany's Criminal Code does not cover online betting, with Gambling Research Centre suggesting that the law should be updated for consistency.

This means tightening some laws, and relaxing others. One example applies to online play, currently illegal across the board in Germany, but getting increasingly difficult to prevent or police.

Benefits of Regulation

The GRC believes that legalising online play will make it easier to regulate and won't drive players underground so often to take on the related risks.

Government Protections

Online casino legalisation would also allow for government-backed protections such as self-exclusion, spending limits and responsible gambling behaviour. The GRC does draw a line of exception for online poker, which is particularly vulnerable to manipulation and fraud, representing a vertical GRC remains reluctant to legalise at all. The GRC would also uphold a ban on advertising which is such a hot potato topic across Europe these days.


The GRC of course recommends the creation of a new specific body to monitor the industry. With a monitor, these suggested changes could be rapidly adapted for most effective application, and Germany regulation suddenly appears more realistic than ever.

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