Get Ready for the Widespread Acceptance of eSports to iGaming

Published March 20, 2021 by Lee R

Get Ready for the Widespread Acceptance of eSports to iGaming

More intricate form of betting and more dramatic shifts in results accentuate the incoming eSports punting experience.

A lingering phenomenon to iGaming is eSports, a type of competition that does not require competitors to be in the same place physically to compete.

Expanding Sector

As a growing industry, the opportunities to place bets are proliferating proportionally, with some events bringing global audiences of millions.

This popularity attract more online bookies to the sport as well, so that most gaming sites have multiple eSports options to choose from.


Esports has gained iGaming traction by offering a unique gambling experience as gaming event distinct from physical athletic events.

Unique Promotion Forthcoming

Punters who were not eSports fans have proven to be drawn to the experience, as an ad hoc alternative betting experience. To this end, gaming sites have established unique eSports promotions for their milieu as well, led by bonuses on eSport events, with special eSports rewards usable on specific popular eSports game events such as CS: GO and Overwatch, among others.

New Engagement

At this point, eSports have proven to have a high level of engagement for punters, as an attractive betting betting option with unique markets and good odds, and also offers specific form of entertainment for viewers.

Distinguishing Punting Characteristics

Spectators are privy to fast-paced and dynamic game play, which provides rapid changes and thus more variability for punters. This can give rise to all manner of in-play betting, but also can make things more tumultuous for punters as far as anticipating outcomes, which is mot likely the reason that odds are so friendly in eSports to this point.

Preparing to Punt

Newcomers to eSports betting should inform themselves about how each of these new games work, as well as the specific types of bonuses or opportunities that each operator offers odds on. This new challenge should be embraced by punters, because it has the potential to give rise to new levels of empowerment for punters, who research and then master intricacies of the new and potentially more sophisticated forms of betting entertainment that eSports represents.


Stay tuned for more details and closer looks at the way e-sports opportunities will stratify among new operators, and the way eSports will be punted on to shape the future of iGaming sports betting engagement.

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