Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Published January 24, 2007 by OCR Editor

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The much anticipated release of the industry survey results did not disappoint. They did, however, surprise. Women more than men, older rather than younger, and not for the reason you think. The profile of the gambler will surely be depicted in new light

No more groggy-eyed, young and foolish, big-spender, high-roller middle of the night gambling addict. We have a new profile and it is a much prettier sight at that. Besides, it will also serve as an argument in favor of keeping online casinos as an entertainment outlet for those interested.

We shall begin with the gender of the majority of gamblers. It is not the young kid or man that the industry was often believed to entertain. The survey results show that more women than men play online. Fifty five percent of gamblers are female. There is also a difference in the games women play as opposed to games men play. While 80% of women gamblers play video slots (usually at home, in the evenings, for small amounts of between 30 and 60 dollars, about twice a week), men prefer online poker.

And what is it that draw these gamblers women and men? Is it the big prizes or financial rewards? The survey, which covered thousands of respondents in the UK, shows us that this is not the case. More respondents said fun and excitement (1,075 in total) bring them to the gaming sites than do winning and financial reward (893). These answers came in second and third, after convenience and accessibility, and following in order were anonymity and relaxation.

The research organizers said of the survey results that "There are many interesting findings, some of which reinforce previous assumptions, some of which provide a fresh understanding of player behavior and attitudes." This is certainly correct. Who said the we can't be surprised?

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