Go Live Games Launch Exciting New NFT-Based Cricket Esports Title

Published April 28, 2023 by Shane

Go Live Games Launch Exciting New NFT-Based Cricket Esports Title

Join us as we learn more about the latest cricket-themed esports release from NFT game developer GoLive Games. We delve into its creation, NFT integration, gameplay options and future as a competitive esports title.

India-based casual and mid-core strategy game developer, GoLive Games, has blended three unique genres - cricket, NFTs and esports - with the launch of their NFT cricket strategy release, Cricket Stars.

Ravi Kiran, Founder of GoLive Games, said:

“We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating Cricket Stars, a game we’re incredibly proud of and believe will resonate with the nation’s gamers. - By leveraging the nation’s fiery passion towards cricket as well as gaming, we are confident that the game will become a groundbreaking success in the community and become a significant part of the country’s gaming ecosystem.”

The 35-strong Hyderabad development studio brought their love of groundbreaking technology and cricket to life by creating a unique game that does not offer a Pay-to-Play or Play-to-Earn model; instead, it encourages fans of the sport to put on their strategy caps and play their cards well to lead their team to victory.

Cricket Stars Swings for the Fences

While there are more than 12 million ardent cricket fans in India, the global fan base is estimated to exceed 2.5 billion. Coupling this with the growing demand for blockchain assets that could grow in value and the fact that the NFT aspect of the release is hosted by Tezos, the developers of Cricket Stars are naturally bullish about the potential of their new game.

Jeremy Foo, Global Head of Gaming TriliTech/Tezos, said:

“This partnership marks an exciting step forward for the gaming industry and for the Tezos blockchain. Cricket fans will enjoy a deeply strategic game that tests their knowledge of the sport while collecting and trading cricket-themed NFTs that add a new dimension to the gameplay experience.”

What makes this game so unique is that the NFTs have financial value. Through the Tezos Blockchain marketplace, users can buy, trade, and sell their NFTs. However, there will be no need to purchase any digital assets from the developer as they can be acquired simply by playing the game.

Most NFT-based game developers monetise their applications by requiring players to purchase digital items in order to play the game. This upfront investment is not needed with Cricket Stars, simply download the app, install the game, and begin playing for free!

Esports is Central to GoLive Gaming’s Plans

Much like other collectable card games, Cricket Stars revolves around players unlocking better-quality cards as they progress through the various tournaments and challenges presented in the game. These cards allow each player to create custom decks representing the individual's unique playstyles.

These cards come in a variety of tiers, including Rare, Epic, and Legendary, empowering players to develop long-term play strategies that either outclass, finesse, or overpower the opposition.

Speaking of their approach to the development of the title, Kiran added:

“With Cricket being a beloved sport with a global following and the Esports industry in India growing exponentially, we saw the opportunity to merge the two to create a truly unique and rewarding gaming experience for cricket aficionados all over the Esports world. Moreover, we believe that the integration of NFTs in our game represents the future of the industry, as it empowers players with true ownership and value in the virtual world.”

The value of the ability cards does not lie solely in their use in-game. Instead, these cards are all NFTs which, depending on their rarity, power levels and unique abilities, have the potential to become highly collectable.

While the game mechanics are simple enough for any player, skilled or new to mobile gaming, to pick up and play, the developer wants to establish a vital esports community around the title. They believe that the broad appeal of cricket, the variety of playstyles encouraged by the card system, and the inherent value of the NFT collectables themselves are a solid foundation for a competitive gaming franchise.

What will interest the online gambling community is when GoLive can get Cricket Stars integrated into leading esports betting platforms. An entertaining cricket esports calendar, which also allows fans to bet on their favourite competitors, has the potential to carve out a niche and potentially highly lucrative market for itself, both in India and the rest of the world.

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