Good Morning America: Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Elections in Shock Victory

Published November 9, 2016 by Sol FH

Good Morning America: Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Elections in Shock Victory

It's over, it's done. The world is in shock after Trump seals an incredible win in the US Presidential Election over Hillary Clinton.

The polls are in and Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Election to become the 45th President. Hillary Clinton conceded the election following the news that she had lost the swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Trump began his walk to the White House and has pledged to be a "president for all Americans" in his speech from Trump Tower in New York.

Historic Win

For the first time, the president of the United States did not win in his home state. Donald Trump was a long shot to win the election. In fact online gambling sites like bet365 Sports and William Hill Sports had him at around 4.50 to win prior to the election. Clinton was favored to win in virtually all polls by at least 4 points, and at online bookies at 1.50. The world watched as the numbers poured in in the evening in the US and the shock waves shook the world as Trump was projected to be the winner.

A President for All Americans

In his thank you speech, Trump said that he was "reaching out" to those Americans that did not support him in his attempts to "unify the country". This will be an extremely difficult task for Trump as well over half of the country thought that this entire situation would never unfold in reality. Well, it has and here it is and Trump continued by stating that it is "Now it's time to bind the wounds of division. I say to Democrats and Republicans it is time come together as one united people," he said.

Clinton Crushed, Pretty Much

Clinton conceded the 2016 Presidential Election and did not give a speech. Her camp still has not released a statement, but she is surely crushed that this was the America that she would wake up too. Defeated by the man that called her names and used almost every trick in the book to gain supporters.

But this is it, for the next four years, President Trump will be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. He will need to unite Republicans before attempting to unite between the parties, which is very unlikely. Questions are undoubtedly going to arise about his methods, as he has never been a part of politics before. This is a new age for America, for the world and hopefully it will work out. We at OCR are certainly hopeful that this new age of American politics will turn out for the best for everyone, and make America AND the world great again. Good luck, Donald!

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