Google Allows Gambling Ads Selectively

Published October 19, 2008 by OCR Editor

Google Allows Gambling Ads Selectively

Google does a 180 on its online gambling advertisements policy - now it will allow officially registered UK and EEA online casinos to advertise.

Google, the world's largest search engine, has opened up another lucrative market - online gambling advertising. The new move comes as liberalization through regulation of the gambling industry is taking place. Previously Google banned online gambling advertising, but now the stage is set for a new wave of gambling promotions and marketing.

The primary beneficiaries of this policy change are registered UK and EEA casinos. It's no mean feat being afforded this opportunity - the casinos in question have to be regulated and Gambling Commission compliant. The ads will be classified as non-family safe, meaning they will not display on safe-search filtered sites. The gambling companies making use of this new opportunity must be able to provide valid operating license numbers too.

Not outside the UK
The advertisements will only be available to British online users and Google will retain the ban in all other countries. The ads will mainly be text-based and countries such as Scotland, Wales and England will be able to view them. All other licensed gambling companies in the EEA will be able to tap into the British market provided they are allowed to advertise legally in their home countries.

The verdict
Now licensed gambling operators are able to purchase search ads and Google has given its express consent to advertisers meeting requirements to target the UK. Those companies transgressing the legal requirements will face account terminations. There will no longer be a need for devious manipulations of word spellings and search terms as was previously done by gambling companies.

888 and PartyGaming are eager to use the new rules to tap into the lucrative British market.

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