Granada Fights for Survival Against an Unmotivated Malaga

Published April 8, 2016 by Florin P

Granada Fights for Survival Against an Unmotivated Malaga

Low scoring Malaga content with scoreless draw on the road (7:45 p.m UK Time).

Granada are still tied with two other teams in the relegation area, but they have the advantage of these squads playing against each other. Meanwhile, they take on Malaga which is in theory a superior opponent, but the visitors have ran out of reasons to defend their chances.

No European Cups for Malaga

The visitors were mired in a winless streak for so long that by the time they recovered, they were already trailing the leading pack by many points. Much to their credit, they managed to keep clean sheets both at home and on the road and even when they lost, they did so by the odd goal. Insufficient funding took its toll and players are no longer motivated to chase elusive goals, with the results speaking for themselves.

Against Granada, Malaga will simply play defensive football and wait for home games to pick up more points. They’ve got a comfortable cushion from the relegation area and are happy even if they draw against the teams struggling in this part of the standings.

Little Room for Error for Granada

The hosts find themselves between a rock and a hard place ahead of this fixture, because they need to make a difficult decision. On one hand, they need to push the envelope and try to collect all three points, to take advantage of the fact that Getafe and Rayo Vallecano squared off. The schedule ahead is not particularly light and most of their opponents will be heavily motivated.

Playing offensive football against Malaga on the other hand is a surefire way of allowing goals on counterattack, so the backline needs to be bolstered. Risk-averse punters who are reluctant to pick winners should bet on fewer than 2.5 goals to be scored with bet365 Sports. Regardless of who wins, assuming the match doesn’t end undecided, a lopsided victory is unlikely.

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