Guide to Playing Online Casino Slots

Published February 13, 2006 by OCR Editor

Guide to Playing Online Casino Slots

Earlier this week, we focused on the game of online casino keno. Today, we'll turn our attention to online casino slots. Playing slots at online casinos is very similar to playing keno in the sense that both games are predicated on sheer luck.

There are some things that the online casino player can do in order to improve his odds of winning. However none of them has anything to do with how he/she plays the game. Playing online casino slots basically consists of pulling a virtual lever.

The mid-section of the online casino slot machine consists of an area that features three reels. Once the lever is pulled the 3 reels begin spinning (each independently). Once they come to a stop, they display a random combination of 3 symbols. Whether or not the online casino player has won or lost is determined by the symbol combination and its rank. Some machine offer more than one row of reels, where paying combinations can appear. This version of online slots enables the online casino player the possibility of hitting more than one paying combination at a time.

Some combinations yield bigger jackpots than others, which is why it's always a good idea to checkout the payout table of the particular online casino slot machine you are playing. Online casino slot machines vary from one another in terms of payout percentages. Some slot machines pay out more than others, and the trick is finding them. Some online casino slot machines allow you to wager more money (higher denomination coins) for the chance to win more money in return.

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