GVC Embraces Insight as Well as Revenue in Expanding Optimove Agreement

Lee R. - July 6, 2016

Optimove is adapting old adages of common business sense to the cyber age, and client GVC is reaping the benefits.

In an interesting and well-kept development, Optimove client GVC Holdings is expanding its agreement with the Enterprise Customer Marketing Vendor.

Expanding Enterprise

In a limited run, Optimove’s Customer Cloud has demonstrated success across a number of GVC’s brands, leading to the GVC strategic decision to implement Optimove across all properties.

Optimove´s Strategic Insight

Optimove Head of Strategic Services Shauli Rozen recently took the time to shed some insight into his organization´s quiet moves in an interview with OnlineCasinoReports, shedding light on progressive operational priorities of a balance between acquisition and retention, the sweet spot of new vs. existing players, rockets, healthy grown-ups and old cash cows, values whose exemplification has clearly appealed to operating giant GVC.

Acquisition and Retention

Rozen identified the two engines of acquisition and retention as drivers of player base growth through his company´s optimization of new-to-existing player revenue ratio. Rozen further explained that organizational focus on this “player revenue mix” safeguards against overinvestment in player acquisition.

Capping Revenue Reliance

Rozen, whose company has helped increase customer spend increase customer spend by an average of 17%, reduce churn by 11% and increase customer lifetime value by 25%, explains his company uses several established player revenue ratios to adapt to each client.

Sector Caps

Rozen also places a cap of 90% on overreliance: new companies traditionally hinging on customer acquisition need to avoid driving 90% of revenue from new customers, while mature, solid companies should constantly refresh their player base and avoid relying on 90% of revenues from existing player bases (repeat customers).

Optimove Value

As a marketing cloud serving in excess of 200 brands, Optimove offers a wealth of customer information, which when combined with Optimove´s fresh market perspective clearly caught the eye of GVC.

Strategic Outlook

Harnessing the benefits of Optimove´s insights appears to be a clear stepping stone for GVC to long-term sustainability and accelerated competitiveness.



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