Habanero's New Jackpot Race System - Ready, Set, Play!

Published March 2, 2019 by Brett C

Habanero's New Jackpot Race System - Ready, Set, Play!

Acclaimed game maker, Habanero recently launched the Jackpot Race System. Players will now compete for their share of large jackpot prize pools before the clock runs out. Whoever's left at cut-off time enjoys the spoils of victory.

Players now have another reason to celebrate: Habanero has announced its brand-new Jackpot Race System. This innovative jackpot system is tied to tournament races. A jackpot builds until it hits a specific value, then the race begins. The jackpot must be won before the clock runs out. Once that moment comes, the payout will be shared among all active players in the tournament. Winnings are determined by the order in which the server received them. The prize pool determines the size of the payouts received by the players.

Personalized Entertainment for Slots Fans

Habanero is known for its personalized gaming systems, and the Jackpot Race System is no different. This system is tailored to players' requirements. Multiple slots can easily be configured as part of the Jackpot Race System. Additionally, online casino operators can easily tailor the length of the Jackpot Race Promotion, the minimum bet requirements and the prize pool payout figures.  Online casinos using the Habanero software platform  can easily select 6 slot machine games and 3-hour racing time slots beginning at 8PM on Friday night. The jackpot steadily builds outside the race period and also accumulates during the Jackpot Race too.

The Jackpot Race System kicks off on Friday evening at 8PM. The payout is randomly triggered between 8PM - 11PM. The payout is more likely to be triggered towards the end of the playing session. Winner payments are made in accordance with their position at the end of the competition. For example, 1st Place may receive 50% of the winnings, 2nd Place may receive 30% of the Jackpot Race prize pool, and 20% could be allocated towards the remaining 10 places.

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