Hamster Racing with Crypto Kicks Into High Gear on Twitch

Published August 10, 2023 by Shane

Hamster Racing with Crypto Kicks Into High Gear on Twitch

The world of crypto betting has a new darling, live hamster racing. These furry race fiends are drawing in sports fans and creating a new live streaming niche on sites like Twitch.tv. Read on to learn all about Bitcoin's cutest new betting buddy.

Hamsters are racing, and it’s being live-streamed on Twitch, where returns-starved traders are placing BUSD-based bets on the likely winner or which furry creature won’t nod off before reaching the finish line.

In the fast-paced world of online entertainment, where trends come and go like virtual waves, an unexpected phenomenon emerged that captured the affection and screens of many - hamster racing on the popular streaming platform, Twitch.

What started as a playful experiment rapidly evolved into a revolutionary fusion of cute scurrying critters and cutting-edge cryptocurrency, giving rise to a new digital coin called $HAMS.

The Rise of the Hamster Racers

The story began with a young and innovative team of entrepreneurs who, during one of their late-night brainstorming sessions, stumbled upon an idea that combined adorable animals, online gaming, and blockchain technology.

Driven by their passion for creativity and desire to disrupt the status quo, they decided to create an entertainment experience like no other. The first step was to select a group of talented and speedy hamsters to race on their virtual track.

The adorable creatures became stars, and they gave each nimble racer a name and unique personality, adding a touch of charm to the highly competitive proceedings.

To enhance the excitement and unpredictability of the races, the team developed a custom-built race arena to provide a thrilling experience for the hamsters, the viewers, and, most of all, the bettors.

As the hamster racing spectacle gained momentum and popularity fuelled by the Twitch live-streaming, captivated audiences fell in love with the charming critters and their spirited performances. The hamsters’ unexpected popularity turned them into internet sensations, gaining followers and fans beyond what we could have imagined.   

Where $HAMS Found Its Feet

The world had already been blessed with memorable tokens like Shiba Inu, frogs, and meme stars like Chad, and then along came the hamsters. And not just real hamster races with crypto bets, but also a dedicated hamster coin called $HAMS.

Welcome to Hamsters.gg - the world's first live-streamed crypto-betting hamster racing platform where you can bet on the outcome of multiple hamster races. Choose your preferred cute and cuddly speed demon, trash talk your fellow bettors, and see if your lucky pick lands you an enticing crypto reward.

Crypto traders have found this novel way to generate returns as Bitcoin (BTC) remains flat and the decentralised finance sector fails to fully shake off the bear market lull.

Star hamster speedsters like ”Rocky” and “Buster” are drawing bets of up to $500 per race, while others like “CK” aren’t so lucky or athletically gifted - losing 326 races and winning just 8. These races seem to occur every few hours, during which a chatbox lights up, drawing thousands of viewers, complete with beer and hotdog emojis.

Memecoins: To the Moon and Back

In the wake of these popular furry competitors, $HAMS has found its feet. Crypto traders have a knack for diving headlong into gambling platforms and memecoins, mainly after the rise of tokens such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which leapt to tens of millions in market capitalisation.

Anyone can call a smart contract and issue tokens on Ethereum or other blockchains for a few cents, and the presence of decentralised exchanges means tokens can instantly be issued, supplied with liquidity and traded soon after.

Most of these do not last beyond several weeks. Last year saw hopefuls bet on McDonald’s branded Grimacecoins, which fell to almost zero after just a few weeks of trading. There are, however, those like Pepecoin (PEPE) that jump to billions in market capitalisation and become big-name projects.

And unsurprisingly, there’s a $HAMS fadcoin as well, launched by the platform on the 1st of July, which was initially valued at $0.01 and quickly shot up to over $3 in a matter of days. A white paper on the Hamsters gambling site explains that the platform takes a 5% cut of all bets, of which 4% is distributed to HAMS token holders.

$HAMS tokens can be traded on centralised crypto exchanges and decentralised exchanges, and the most popular exchange to buy and trade Hamsters is MEXC, where the most active trading pair HAMS/USDT had a trading volume of $33,238.76 in a 24-hour period.

Trends come and go, and only those with the wildest imaginations could envisage what the next fad will be, but hamster racing has been thoroughly entertaining and hilarious to observe, and who knows what they’ll bet on next.  

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