Has Hillary Played Her Trump Card Yet? Presidential Bets Soaring

Published October 27, 2016 by Lee R

Has Hillary Played Her Trump Card Yet? Presidential Bets Soaring

Presidential Punters are Thronging to take Betting Parlour odds on the Weakest Link(s).

With the two candidates about as fit to lead a country as host a reality TV show, maybe betting on the outcome is the most appealing, if not productive way to “engage” the US Presidential elections this year. 

Presidential Betting

The rise in sports betting has spread to other highly watched spectacles, such as of course Decision 2016. Gambling sites from around the world traditionally offer odds on the November 8 election, just that more and more people than ever are taking them.  

Odds and Payouts

At last check, late September odds (not polls) have a Clinton victory likely, with 72%. As far as potential profits for punters are concerned, Bovada odds recently showed $33 dollar gains on $100 Hillary bets. Then a slight shift in Clinton’s favour lowered the return to $20.  Conversely, Bovada had Donald Trump at +300, meaning $100 Trump bets would yield $300 returns. 

Third Party Betting

On Betfair, the real intrigue may be  the odds for a third party candidate winning, which Betfair extends to +3300, meaning that if Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson wins the election, your $100 bet turns into $3400. While this has never happened in history, this may be the first time that the Libertarian candidate is truly the best man for the job..er, or woman, fruit, mineral, vegetable, member of any ethnicity, etc..thousand points of light, hold the course.

Other Presidential Bets

The outcome is not the only thing you can bet on. Debates, clothing colour, how many times “Russia” will be said, whether Trump will say “huge,” “tremendous,” “build the wall” or invent a word during the debate, are all among the categories with specific payouts and odds.   

Bet Suggestion

What about another option? What are the odds that the US powers that be come to their senses and formally oust them and substitute some real candidates? 

Strategic Tips

For those of you who want to “join the race,” Pinnacle offers some sage betting advice:

Never listening to media pundits, whom Pinnacle calls mostly party hacks or entertainers; do not expect much of a reward from political election, unless the result is really up in the air; either bet big stakes or steer clear altogether; and keep an eye on how wider public sentiment may affect the outcome in evaluating your own preferences.

Final Salute

Whatever you decide: Good Luck! We are all going to need it.

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